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Men's Conference: Workshops

    Exploring the Identify & Spirituality of Younger Men
         Dave Edling
    Singing in to Our Future
         Michael Waschevski
    Keynote Conversation
         Karl Travis
    A Study of Ephesians: Discovering
    Your Part in the Greatest Plan of All
         Mark Roberts
    Prayer Encounters: Changing the World One
    Prayer at a Time
         Paul Burns
    Faith and Science
         Fred Hausheer
    Al Bundy Meets Jesus: The Friendship of Being Married with
    Children from a Young Christian Manís Perspective
         Neal Presa

GA Issues
    A Town-Hall Meeting with the General Assembly Moderator
         Neal Presa
    Denomination in a Death Spiral?
         Jack Haberer

    Telling Your Mission Story with iPad Video
         Wes Freyer
    10 Reasons Jesus Outshines Muhammad
         Mateen Elass

Personal Development
    Digital Photography
         David Johnson
    Christ-Centered Coaching
         Sim Hassler
    What Type of Friend...?
         Kevin Keaton/Self-Guided
    Listening to God, Listening to Others: The Secret to Life
         Tim Hast
    Rappel off the Catwalk
         Mo-Ranch Outdoor Education Ministries Staff
    High Element Ropes
         Mo-Ranch Outdoor Education Ministries Staff
    Walk on Water
         Tyler Marshall
    Three Houston Oilmen and the Early Years of Mo-Ranch
         David Jordan
    Personal Finance: For Every Generation
         Bryan Avis

Social Issues
    Living Purple Politically
         Michael Brundeen
    Pornography: When Pleasure Becomes a Problem
         Robert Jensen
    Medicare: Changes Real and Imagined
         Charles Kennedy
    Surviving Through Faith
         Z Zsohar
    Whatís So Great About Being Good?
         Jack Haberer

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