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Day Camp: More Transportation Information

Your camper will be picked up and delivered based on the schedule listed below. Anyone picking up a camper may be asked to show photo identification and must be listed on the Day Camp release form. If any changes in the schedule occur, a Mo-Ranch staff person will call the parent/legal guardian to inform them of the changes. If your camper will be picked up from Mo-Ranch earlier than the normal schedule, Camp staff must be notified in writing prior to the early departure.
If you are providing transportation for your camper, please plan on checking him/her in no later than 8:45am and checking him/her out no later than 4:45pm each day. You must check-in/check-out your camper at the Riverview Classroom.
  Transportation Schedule
Pick up —
We try to leave from the pick up site
at these times
7:45 am
8:00 am
8:15 am
Wal-Mart parking lot
Ingram Park
Hunt Volunteer Fire Station
Drop off —
We try to arrive at the site no later than these times
5:10 pm
5:25 pm
5:45 pm
Hunt Volunteer Fire Station
Ingram Park
Wal-Mart parking lot
For their safety, please keep your campers in your car until our buses have stopped completely and turned the engines off. Please review the following safety rules with your camper.
Transportation Safety Rules:
1. Do not approach or depart a vehicle unless the Camp Staff has made sure the traffic is clear and it is safe.
2. Wait until the vehicle has come to a full stop and the engine is turned off. Enter and exit vehicles only through the appropriate doors.
3. Load only the approved number of passengers for that vehicle.
4. All passengers must wear seatbelts at all times.
5. Passengers will behave respectfully while in the vehicle, which includes staying seated at all times, no rough housing, keeping voices down, and following all directions from the staff.
6. When departing a vehicle, go directly to the area specified by the staff and wait patiently.
7. In the case of an accident or emergency, stay calm and follow the directions of the staff. Do not exit the vehicle unless told to do so by the staff or a policeman, firefighter, or other safety personnel.
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