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Summer Camp: Health and Insurance

All information on the Health History and Parent Questionnaire forms will be kept strictly confidential and is requested solely for the purpose of providing your camper with the best care possible. Please be open and honest. We need to know anything that will help us give your camper the best care in their time of need.
We ask that a new Health History form be filled out annually.
If your camper has a pre-existing condition, illness or injury that s/he sustained prior to coming to camp, families will be responsible for supplying Mo-Ranch Summer Camp with any on-going medications or treatments the camper may be receiving. Families will be responsible for any costs associated with additional medications or treatments your camper may need for their pre-existing condition(s) while at Camp.
All medications must be in their original packaging with original prescription label. If prescription dosages or times have changed, there must be a written note from the prescribing physician as to the change. Over-the-counter medications must also be in their original packaging with a written note of dosages and times.

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