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Jobs at Mo: About ALIVE @ Mo

The ALIVE @ Mo Program is for young adults seeking more than just a paycheck from a summer job. Candidates are employed at Mo-Ranch in seasonal positions. They also volunteer to spend their summer living in community with other young adults to explore their Christian Faith. Below are some frequently asked questions, and a link to more information about the program.
How do I enter the program?
There are two steps:
  1. Apply, interview and gain employment at Mo-Ranch for a summer seasonal position. All ALIVE participants are Mo-Ranch employees.
  2. During your interview, indicate to Human Resources that you would like to be considered for the ALIVE @ Mo program. You will then interview with the Mo-Ranch chaplain before being admitted into the program.
Where will I work if I am in the ALIVE @ Mo Program?
There are a wide variety of seasonal positions available. Alumni of ALIVE have worked in Dining Services, Housekeeping, Programs, Maintenance, Grounds, the Waterfront, Communications and more. For more information go to our currently available seasonal positions.
What if I'm still trying to figure out my Christian faith? Can I still participate?
All of us are on the journey of finding out who Christ is. We don't ask you to be an \expert" to join the program. We do ask that you be curious to learn more, and respectful of others.
Mo-Ranch is a Presbyterian Conference Center. Do I need to be Presbyterian to participate?
Absolutely not. Each year we welcome tens of thousands of guests through our gates. Many of them are Presbyterian, many are not. ALIVE @ Mo is no different. If you would like to live and work at Mo-Ranch and want the opportunity to seek Christ with other young adults, you are welcome.
Where will I live?
The Caleb Fletcher House is dedicated to this program during the summer. The house is divided into eight rooms. You will likely have a roommate(s), but each room has its own bathroom. In addition to your bedroom, the living area has wireless internet, full kitchen, laundry facilities and comfortable seating. All linens can be provided.
Are there any expectations I should be aware of?
Caleb Fletcher House is alcohol-, drug- and tobacco-free during the ALIVE @ Mo-Program. Also no co-habitation is allowed. Participants will take at least one excursion together to build community. All community members are expected to attend weekly house meetings. Participants will spend their first week or so deciding about other expectations/house chores/house rules/etc.

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