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You Can Help: Tree Program

Tree Program at Mo Mo-Ranch's commemorative tree program offers individuals or families the opportunity to give trees in honor of special people, in memory of loved ones or to celebrate a special occasion. Existing trees on the ranch are aging, and new trees are necessary to ensure that future generations have a landscape they can cherish. In order to work with the environment, the staff only plants natives or trees that have been proven to work well in the Texas climate. Markers come from the ranch's own limestone rocks that are engraved by a stone worker in New Braunfels. All trees have to be enclosed with a cage to keep the deer from damaging them.
An English proverb states that "He that plants trees loves others besides himself." That has certainly proved true on the ranch. Over twenty-five new trees now grace the grounds as part of this program.
Any one wishing to inquire about the commemorative program or to purchase a tree should contact Sue Endsley at the ranch, 830-238-4455, ext. 226.

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