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History: Later Construction

  • The Environmental Leadership Program, begun in 1989, provides instruction in Environmental Studies and Leadership Initiatives, and includes an extensive exterior high and low elements Ropes program.
  • Open air Pavilion with brick flooring, and a playscape near Guest Lodge, built in 1993. The pavilion was a gift from Carolyn and Houston Harte, while the Virginia Pipes family were the donors of the playscape. Another part of the Harte family gift was a walk along the river begun in 1994.
  • Water Play Area creating a park-like environment on the river, developed in 1994 by a gift in memory of E. D. Richmond, Jr.
  • Westminster Lodge, with four bedrooms and a community room, completed in 1994 by a gift to honor the predecessor of Mo-Ranch----Westminster Encampment on the Schreiner College Campus from 1905 to 1948.
  • A new water well was installed in 1998 and a new Water Treatment Facility in 2001, each of which enables Mo-Ranch to be a better steward of the environment.
  • The Mo-Ranch Riding Stables
  • The Labyrinth, installed across the river in 2001 in honor of Otis and Marilyn Moore, is a walking path for prayer and meditation modeled on the famous 13th century labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. It joins the Luttig-Shelton Pavilion, constructed in 1995 to honor men of First Presbyterian Church of Tyler, Texas.
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