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Home / History / Moran's Construction
History: Moran's Construction

  • Mo Slide - a favorite recreational facility on the riverfront for over six decades.
  • Swimming Pool - constructed in 1937 and lined with over 2,000,000 tiles. Behind the pool is the Ramada, the -site of the first open air chapel on the ranch.
  • Greenhouse - or Conservatory, moved from Ponca City, Oklahoma, in 1937.
  • Guest Lodge - on the waterfront, with a unique double-yoke fireplace and distinctive tiles and flooring, built in 1938.
  • Main Auditorium - built as a skating rink and gymnasium in 1939, is the ranch's largest meeting space, with improved restrooms added in 2007.
  • Chapel - reflecting Moran's Catholic faith, constructed in 1941. The building includes stained glass windows crafted in France in the 1840's and the handsome iron work of Erich Riesel, an artisan in Kerrville.
  • Milk Barn and
    Bunkhouses I & II
    - originally built as a dairy facility in 1943, for many years was the theater for the Austin College Summer Troupe. In 1995, it was renovated to provide housing and a conference/meeting room for up to 100 people, with additional improvements in subsequent years.
  • Loma Linda Dorm - begun in 1943, now a year-round dormitory for conferences and groups and home to Camp Loma Linda and other camps.
  • River Dorm - constructed in 1946, and now a year-round dormitory.
  • Catwalk - made from oilfield pipe, spanning Wilson Draw to link Loma Linda with the center of the ranch, and the Kittywalk, spanning the lower river road.
  • Since Mo-Ranch was a working ranch, the Chicken House, Horse Barn, and Cow Barn once served the function of their names and their renovated structures are meeting rooms today. The creamery now houses the Program Office and the Lynn Museum which depicts the history of Mo-Ranch. The ice house is now the President's Office. The former Gatehouse, near the old low water bridge entrance to the ranch, now houses Outdoor Educational Ministries.
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