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Ignatian Guided Imagery Prayer
Jo Ann Currie, director of Christian Education and spiritual formation, Pasadena
A shared experience with Jesus that is based on stories from the Gospels that draws on our use of empathy, visualization, and the five senses. Through this form of prayer, the imagination of one’s faith will allow the power of story to be personal.
Intercessory Prayer
Jim Currie, pastor, First Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Pasadena
A personal and corporate act of devotion that seeks God’s will and glory on behalf of others. Participants will gain deeper appreciation for the high calling of praying for others and witnessing the Holy Spirit’s mysterious work and wonder.
Labyrinth Prayer
SarahLee Morris, spiritual director and certified labyrinth facilitator, Lubbock
A symbolic journey that guides one to a center of contemplative communion with God, and then back to places of service in the world, through movement on a purposeful path.
Participants will consider and experience how the movements in a labyrinth walk may intertwine and mirror the movements in a Lord's Day worship service.
Music Prayer
Ken Peters, retired pastor, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Georgetown
A practice that opens us to listen to God’s response of possibilities. Using Music Prayer is a way of understanding what Barth meant when he talked about the balance of dogma and play, or even more profoundly, what Mendelssohn meant when he said the meaning of music cannot be put into words, not because it is too vague, but because it is too precise.
Object Prayer
Lauren Vernon, chaplain, Austin
A combination of the power of both touch and contemplation to hold fast to the goodness of God and feel grace upon grace. Participants will experience that by holding an object their “minds are quiet” to open a conversation with God.
Prayer of Examen
Nancy Dunkerley, spiritual director and Founding Director Spiritual Ministries Institute, Plano
A relevant 500+ year prayer practice structured by St. Ignatius of Loyola to provide a way to daily experience God as well as to assess personal feelings and behaviors. Practicing this prayer will provide you a way to notice more how God is present in all things.
Prayers of Lament
Regina Hunt, spiritual director, Dallas
A means of being honest and raw by crying out in bewilderment and anguish before the Holy Triune in times of trouble and hearing where God meets you. You will experience the grace of unconditional acceptance and being heard, knowing that God is with us in our pain, no matter how great or small.
The Jesus Prayer
David King, pastor of First United Methodist Church, Palacios
Participants will be introduced to an ancient practice that arose as a way to “pray without ceasing”(I Thess. 5:17) by breathing short petitions that acknowledges the natures of both Christ and humankind. Resources for growing in closeness to Christ will also be available.
Whole Brain Prayer
Nancy Dunkerley, spiritual director and Founding Director Spiritual Ministries Institute, Plano
Meditative prayer using visual art techniques and journaling for the non-artist--little or no skills required. What is needed is an openness to meditative prayer and a willingness to explore some new ways of praying. Persons will expand their understanding of how they can respond to God both verbally and non-verbally.

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