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Safe Place: Facilitators

Tonya Carson:
Tonya’s five year old daughter, Destiny, passed away in 1994 after her battle with cancer. Tony believes God used a lot of amazing people throughout the years to heal her heart and she jumps at the opportunities to be able to give back.

Sue Endsley:
Sue lost her son to suicide in October of 2000. Since that time she has become a facilitator for Survivors of Suicide, a support group for those who have been touched by suicide.

Peggy Sweeney:
Peggy is a bereavement educator and editor of the Journeys Through Grief Newsletters. Peggy hosts a monthly support group, Halo of Love, for bereaved parents.

Neil & Usha Turner:
Neil & Usha reside in Rockwall, Texas. In May, 2010, their youngest daughter Colby, passed away at the age of 2 due to cardiac arrest following a common procedure. Colby had a rare genetic disorder known as Geolophysic Dysplasia which affected her heart. As participant’s in last year’s retreat, they found “a unique, supportive group of parents and counselors whose experiences provided greatly-needed strength and guidance and has been invaluable” as they continue their new journey through grief and healing. This year, returning as facilitators, they hope to return the experience to other grieving parents.

Wayne R. Urbanowski, Jr.:
Wayne is the Pastor at Leon Springs Presbyterian Church. He also serves on the Committee on Preparation for Ministry in Mission Presbytery. Wayne became a bereaved parent when Garrett, his first born son, died as a result of surgical complications 48 days into his life.

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