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ELP: Permanent Staff

Conn Carson, Adventure ProgrammerConn Carson
Adventure Programmer
Conn spent most of his childhood winging around from base to base, tailing behind his dad, the fighter pilot. Growing up around the world (and the son of a fighter jock) cultivated in him a driving sense of adventure. The desire to lead others in their own adventures brought him to Mo-Ranch in 2001. Conn's professional career has been spent working with youth, primarily in the counseling field, but has also included working on ropes courses since the early 1990's. He believes if you make an experience exciting for someone, you won't be able to stop them from learning about it. That's why he loves teaching rock climbing: combining the adventure of the outdoors with personal growth and gaining new perspectives about life makes for incredible opportunities for people to learn about God's creation! Conn tries to make everything fun, so if you get a chance to see him in action, don't forget to check out those zebra striped toenails!
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