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ELP: Evening Activities

Evening Activities Descriptions
New Games - Non-traditional large group games that are physically active and always cooperative and fun.
Campfire - Throughout their stay, participants create and practice skits and song that they will perform at a traditional campfire program. Our staff will gladly add a few special songs, stories, or skits to get things going and to quiet them down in the end.
Owl Discovery - Fun facts to know and learn about owls. Discuss their characteristics, their role in the food web, and best of all, dissect owl pellets to find out what they eat.
Town Meeting - Become the characters in a town meeting as the City Council listens to proposals from Land Developers who want to purchase land along the river corridor. Discover the environmental, financial, and political issues involved as you create your proposals and debate the issues with the City Council.
Food for Thought - Experience the quality of life in different regions around the world. Population, health care, living conditions, use of natural resources and wealth are all experienced through interactive activities.
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